You Should Be Working with Our Cement Contractors for Convenience

Laminates offered by cement contractors are durable and versatile. If you were thinking about laminates for the bathroom or laundry room, the risks of more serious water leaks and otter damages make it a bad choice. It can be applied in kitchens, but also less recommended by professionals. Additionally, it can be built as moisture resistance but not waterproof. Well-sealed layers of laminates can endure cleaning and mopping, but once water finds its way into the locking system, underneath the surface layer, and along the edges, swelling and warping ruin your floor. You should work with A&A Concrete in Bloomington, IN for our laminate flooring project, and here’s why:


Laminate is a highly-durable, scratch-resistant, durable flooring surface. Likewise, it’s protected by a durable resin coating and the external layer. It’s good for high traffic properties and rooms in which there are children and pets. For light commercial and general residential use, make sure to choose laminate surfaces with a good rating.

Easy installation.

Laminate is much easier to install than the other kinds. That’s because the boards are designed by cement contractors to interlock, which makes them easy to work with. In addition, it can be placed over existing floors, saving installation time than the other kinds of flooring which might have to be nailed down, stapled, or glued. It can be a good project for DIY enthusiasts.


Laminate flooring is cheaper than traditional hardwoods but doesn’t fall short when it comes to quality and durability. There’s a great laminate flooring choice for every price range. Also, laminates are versatile and can be installed on nearly any kind of subfloors, including existing vinyl or concrete floors. Oftentimes, when the installation of hardwood floor isn’t compatible with a subfloor, laminate flooring is the right solution.

Laminate flooring is available in a wide array of tile, stone, and wood finishes. All of these are available in different plank styles, thickness, surface treatments, and colors. Work with A&A Concrete for more efficient results. If you’re living in Bloomington, IN, call us at (812) 289-4636.

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